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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 14, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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ing france 24. time now for 60 minutes around the world. the u.s. is warning of a massacre if this syrian city of kobani falls to the islamic state group. they have taken nearly half of the kurdish town that sits near the border with turkey. six months after a worldwide campaign demanded to bring back our girls, the 200 nigerian students kidnapped by boko haram are still unaccounted for. and catalonia says it will push through its vote on independence, albeit in a different form. the referendum was suspended
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last month by spain's constitutional court. also coming up this hour, north korean leader kim johnson -- kim jong-ilun finally resurfaces after speculation about his health and even rumors of a coup. and the radical shift in tone from the vatican on homosexuality. reports from a catholic bishop are leaning more toward accepting gay people into the church. but first, we will starting kobani, where islamic state militants say they have taken half of the syrian town that sits on the border with turkey. so far, international airstrikes
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have only managed to slow the advance, not stop it. >> smoke continues to rise from kobani after yet another day of intense fighting. having carried out three separate suicide bomber tax islamic state militants -- bomb attacks, islamic state militants claim to control half of the embattled syrian border town. also on monday, u.s. and coalition aircraft pressed on with their bombardment of jihadist strongholds in the area. the airstrikes started last week and have targeted dozens of positions held by the islamic militants. strikes have helped kurdish troops hold on to most of the town today. now with their grip slowly slipping, the british prime minister is asking for additional help. >> it clear that we need more advanced heavy weapons antitank, helicopters, and more advanced weapons to fight against isis because they are
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well-equipped. they have heavy weapons. and because we need support from the international community. >> kurdish fighters say to could get -- to defend kobani, they also need turkey to open its border to allow arms and additional fighters pass through, something the neighbors have been reluctant to do. the extremist group already controls a vast stretch of territory, covering hundreds of miles from northern interior to the outskirts of baghdad. the u.n. warned that thousands could be massacred if kobani should fall into the hands of the islamic state organization and more than 200,000 people have already fled across the border into turkey since the fighting began in september. >> it has become a major test of whether the us-led air campaign can actually stop the islamic state group. today in washington, barack obama is meeting with defense
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chiefs from over 20 nations participating in a collision. and in a related story -- in that coalition. in an a a related story, turkish warplanes have bombed suspected targets in the northeast. what more can you tell us? >> the pkk attacked to basis and yet -- late yesterday afternoon. into separate provinces, hot car he and another area -- hakkari and on corrupt. -- and ankara. no casualties reported on either side. this is the biggest airstrike since the peace process with the kurt -- the kurds began two years ago, and it is perhaps the biggest pkk attack. two provinces, about 50 kilometers apart.
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>> jasper, as you mentioned if you are still with us, these are the first major rebel strike since the peace talks began two years ago, peace talks to end the rebellion that has lasted some 30 years now. what effect will this have on that peace process? >> looking at it from the turkish point of view, for several months, the pkk has been [inaudible] and releasing them later. lastly, the police chief was attacked in a province next to where they are. they seriously wounded him and killed his two left tenants. -- his two lieutenants. the peace process has been making no progress. >> we seem to be having some
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difficulty with just her mortar -- jasper mortimer in ankara. we will try to get that back. ban ki-moon is in gaza for his first visit there since the war the summer. he went to a refugee camp as well as to a neighborhood that was almost completely destroyed. he called for a quick rebuilding of the area, saying there were no words to describe it. >> the distraction -- destruction i have seen while coming through here is beyond description. this is a much more serious destruction than what i saw in 2009 with the violence at the time. >> six months ago, social media was inundated with messages saying "bring back our girls," but today exactly six months after their kidnapping by islamist militant group boko
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haram, the 200 nigerian schoolgirls are still missing. while the attention of the rest of the world seems to have gone elsewhere, the campaign continues in their home country with protest march today through the streets of abuja. here is more. >> six months on and the girls are still numb -- not home. and there is still no word on their place. on the 14th of april some 270 pupils aged 13 to 20 were abducted from their border school in nigeria. 50 escaped. the rest were forced to convert to islam and possibly forced into marriage with local haram fighters. the islamist leader threatened to sell them as slaves. family members are unrelenting in their hope for their return, though they fear for their physical and mental state. >> these girls will be rescued
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no matter how badly turned out they may be. >> back in may, a prisoner swap was offered, but the government rejected it. and nigerian president goodluck jonathan has been heavily criticized for his treatment of the kidnapping and his failure to quash local haram post insurgency -- boko haram's insurgency. the group seems to have little fear of authorities. earlier this month, it released a video of a man timing to be the leader. he taunted jonathan and the world leaders for believing he was dead. six months ago, the kidnapping sparked international outrage. campaigners in nigeria want to make sure the world doesn't forget. >> in liberia, many health care workers ignored a call to go on strike over poor pay to continue to help those infected with
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ebola. hospitals and critics are continuing -- and clinics are continuing to operate normally. >> gathered in front of this hospital in monrovia, medical staff refusing to work. they are on strike, angry at the government they say have not kept its promises. as ebola continues to spread through liberia, medical workers are struggling to keep up. staff are heavily exposed to the virus. already, 95 tiberian health workers have died. -- liberian health workers have died. in this ebola treatment center, though, staff have decided not to go on strike for one simple reason.
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>> if we do not treat them, they will die. >> a feeling, it seems, that is shared by many. on monday, few took part in the strike and disruption of the hospital was minimal. >> meanwhile, italian of 800 soldiers from sierra leone has been put in quarantine. they were waiting to be peacekeepers in somalia, but one of the members tested positive for ebola. the entire battalion is expected to be kept in isolation for the three gestation timeframe of the disease. next catalonia where the leader of that spanish region has vowed to press ahead with a vote on independence despite the challenge from spain's constitutional court. the regional governor said they will go ahead with the vote on
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november 9, but now with an official vote to get around the court ruling. >> the cattle on government -- the catalonian government maintained its goal of a referendum on november 9. it means there will be polar -- polling stations open with ballots. and if you are wondering how we will be able to keep this consultation legal despite the decree to suspend it, the catalonian government will remain within the existing legal friend work as we -- framework as we have a right for public participation. >> there has been a radical shift in tone from the vatican on homosexuality. reports from a catholic bishops meeting on family life seem to lead more toward accepting gay people into the church.
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claire williams explained. >> 200 of the world's top bishops, a week of discussions on the family, the result, a preliminary results suggesting a shift in the catholic church's tone on homosexuality. >> we must respect the dignity of every person. and the fact to be homosexual doesn't mean the resident dignity -- there is an dignity. it must be recognized and promoted. >> the secretary went on to say homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the church and asked catholics to recognize what he called the positive aspects of same-sex couples unmarried couples who live together and the children of these families. unlike his predecessors, pope francis has shown openness to accepting homosexuals. last year, his answer to a reporter's question on the role of gays in the church stunned many's -- stunned many.
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>> if a person seeks god's goodwill, who am i to judge? >> there were many around the world who answered vatican question ours -- questionnaires. gay rights groups have called the senate report a breakthrough, while some conservative catholic groups deem it the trail. the report did not signal changes to the church's condemnation of homosexual acts, or its opposition to gay marriage. the final week of the bishops and it ends on sunday. >> let's leave the vatican for north korea, where kym johnson -- kim jong-un has finally resurfaced, albeit with a walking stick. photos of him surfaced in a newspaper today after a prolonged unexplained absence. it fueled rampant speculation about his health, and even rumors of a coup.
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nicholas rushworth explained. >> state tv reported his return, showing still shots of the supreme leader visiting a housing estate for satellite engineers. new evidence, a walking stick. kym johnson -- kim jong-un also said he made the visit with elite members of the government. besides that very few details in deed, and no date for the photos themselves. speculation about the north korean leader has grown since early last month when he was last seen in public at a concert, where he -- at a concert. where has been? is it truman for gout, an injury, or a military coup? -- is a treatment for gout, an injury, or in military coup? he missed two crucial dates on his calendar the anniversary of his party, and national day.
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it comes less than a year after he executed his uncle who state media reported was plotting a coup. >> let's take a look at that lines on france 24. the u.n. is warning of a massacre if the syrian city of kobani falls to the islamic state group. the islamic state said they have taken half of the border town. six months after a worldwide campaign demanded to bring back our girls, the nigerian students kidnapped by local haram still unaccounted for. and cattle on -- catalonia says they will push through its referendum. the referendum was suspended last month by spain's constitutional court. time to look for business news with kate moody. >> let's begin with a focus on
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germany, where investors are increasingly pessimistic about their economy. >> that's right. investment fell sharply in october amid fears that the largest economy could contract in the third quarter. key economic sentiment fell into negative territory for the first time since november, 20 12 eating -3.6 points, down from 6.9 last month. we have seen a similar story across europe. investor confidence in the eurozone also fell about 10 points. but germany is particularly important because it is the largest and strongest economy within the eu. there have been dropped in ordering and production as well as trade. there are ongoing concerns that it will begin weighing on germany's economy as well. >> new data expected to come from the growth -- from it that growth is slowing. but that is right. -- >> that is right.
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germany is worried that they could be entering a time of low growth and high debt, as seen in other european countries. >> the german chancellor angela merkel consult her finance minister amid doubts about the german economy. a slowdown is underway according to the government's own figures. growth has been revised down for this year from 1.9% to 1.3%. and down again next year from 2% to 2 -- from 2% to 1.2%. >> germany's growth is robust compared to other countries. the most important thing is that unemployment continue to fall. >> germany is being hit by sluggishness in the eurozone and globally exports in august fell 5.8%. the figures are fueling criticism of angela merkel's economic policy, and there is no shortage of advice from all corners. >> we do not need to work toward
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zero deficit. that costs too much. >> we've taken the wrong direction. putting the minimum wage in place, higher retirement costs that is all weighing on growth. >> angela merkel is facing pressure at home. solutions are needed now, not later. the wall street journal reports paris and berlin are identifying initiatives to boost growth in europe by 2017. the goal to head off a lost decade, the threat of the long economic stagnation in europe. >> not very rosy there. >> read across the board -- we are seeing red across the board in europe. the cac and asked each down about 1%. -- and the dax each down about 1%.
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industrial output fell by 1.8% in august. both france and the u.k. have reported that inflation levels fell to a five-year low in the month of september. one thing we have been keeping an eye on in the markets is the price of oil, which has been dropping steadily. on monday, brent crude fell to about just -- it to just about $88 per there'll. rice is will it -- prices are excited to continue falling unless opec gales back production, something they have been reluctant to do. the iaea slashed its forecast for global demand. >> give us a little bit of good news here. possibly business news related to shopping. >> retail sales fell to the lowest number since december, 2008.
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sales were down by 2.1%. total sales fell by 8% in the month of september. shoppers were reluctant to buy winter clothing. the luxury handbag maker saw even worse figures. his revenue for the first half of the year down 17% from a year earlier. the brand is trying to scale back and offer a more affordable line appealing to younger shoppers. shares plunged 20% on forecasting 20% lower figures for the year. and burberry saw its shares double -- tumble by 4%. the british brand is known for its handbag and raincoats. it cautioned that market conditions are becoming more difficult. >> apple is getting into the fashion link as well with this new watch.
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>> exactly, the smart watch that we saw debuted a few weeks ago it's now on the cover of vogue china for the month of november. you can see it there on a model with a red leather strap, which i think might be custom for this particular photo shoot. this smart watch will not hit stores until 2015. but the other big product, iphone 6 is due to hit china this week. this is some well-timed advertising for them. the chinese leadership of vogue has a readership of -- the chinese readership of vogue is at 1.3 million. >> the jury is still out on that one. we will still have to see how it goes. now time for the press review. flow today, the papers in turkey are focusing on comments from the turkish prime minister. >> that's right, quite
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surprising comments he made yesterday at a conference was 2-1 on what many are calling an angry tirade against what he calls -- yesterday at a conference. he went on what our men -- what many are calling in in re tirade against what he calls the modern-day lawrence of arabia. m everyone who lawrence of arabia is. he is -- was a british soldier who helped arab leaders fight a guerrilla insurgency against the ottoman empire in the first world war. he is still regarded as a hero in britain and lots of arab countries, but not such a good guy in turkey. the prime industry made it clear that lawrence of arabia is a symbol of unwanted outside meddling in a region where turkey -- the turkish influence should be counted. to quote him, he said "lawrence was an english spy disguised as an arab and now there are voluntary suits disguised as journalists and terrorists your
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code a lot -- and terrorists here." many are stunned by his diatribe. >> interesting comment. let's move onto north korea. after a month out of the spotlight, the north korean leader is back in the spotlight in photo at least. >> this is the north korean paper for the beacon see he is all smiles on the front page there. the last time he made a public appearance was september 3 at a conference. -- constitutes -- at a concert. he is walking with a cane, an important detail, and he's giving field guidance for a new residential area for sciences. the photos are not dated, so it's not clear exactly when they
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were taken. but it seems to prove that he's back. slate has a great way of putting it today. it said that kim jong-un casually strolls back onto the scene, but with a slight limp. it appears to put an end to speculation that he was either sidelined from power, or suffering from some sort of medical condition. but slate points out that by showing him walking with a cane it seems to confirm that he does have some sort of problems with his legs. there were many rumors circulating that he might have gout, or that he may even have surgery for ankle problems. it's unclear what is wrong with him, but it's interesting that north korea decided to publish these photos of him with a cane. >> the country's second nobel prize winner this year. we already won for literature with patrick modiano, and now for economics. >> there is a lot of pride in the french papers today. the pro-business paper applauds
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the first frenchman to win the prize in 27 years. you can see here that they are saying the nobel prize shows the success of another french model because it comes at a time when the french economy does not have the best reputation. there is a great drawing of the president, francois hollande, holding up the nobel prize for economics and the nobel prize for literature. and he's saying winning in france cometh of beatable thing when france wins. but behind him you can see the finance minister. what he's wearing there is the french equivalent of the dunces cap. and he's holding the budget, the 2015 budget. and next to him is francois hollande's ex-girlfriend and she's holding her bestseller, the tell-all book. correct it's easy to understand the result -- >> it's easy to
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understand the results of a new study by the pew research council. >> it says "huge depression" with a little frowny face. according to the study, france is the most pessimistic country in the world. only 23% of the people believe in the future. 86% of the people believe
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